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Lecture 5

BSC 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Blending Inheritance, Population Genetics, Gamete

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BSC 201
Jeff Helms

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· Natural Selection & Evolution
o Differential reproduction of organisms with different traits (phenotypes)
o When phenotypes represent different genotypes (DNA sequences), the result is
evolution for population
o Driving force in both adaptation and diversification
· Adaptation
o Process- population adapting to environment
o Product- change in character
o Adaptation: Any character that enhances survival & reproductive success of an
organism in a particular environment (group)
o Acclimation: physiological adjustment to change in a particular environment factor
such as temperature of salinity (individual)
· Examples of Natural Selection
o Medium ground finches (Darwin’s finches) on the Galapagos
§ Beak size varies between individuals
§ Peter and Mary Grant: measured size of finches’ beaks
§ How to check if beak size is heritable:
· Measure size of parents beaks and then offspring beak size
· Looking for positive correlation
o Sticklebacks (fish)- live in different types of water
§ Each has a different number of armored plates
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