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Lecture 8

CHE 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Uranium-238, Wavelength, Spectroscopy

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CHE 110
Sarah Boesdorfer

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Thursday, September 29, 2016
Atomic Theory and Periodic Properties
-How many electrons, protons and neutrons in?
14-Carbon: E=6, P=6, N=8
Uranium 238: E=92, P=92, N=146
-What do atoms look like?
Light is how we get to model of an atom
A center filled with protons and neutrons surrounded by rings filled with electrons
-Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation: type of energy radiated in the form of waves
Acts as both a particle and a wave
Photons (the packet), carry a set amount of energy
Light: visible EMR (400 nm - 750 nm) acts as a particle and wave
-Wave Pattern
Shorter the wave length the more the energy
-Understanding the structure of an atom
Hit with different wavelengths of EM radiation
-That increases the energy
-Detects when an electron falls off
Wavelength: f or U= how often (#/s)= Hz
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