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Chapter 7 (Light, Electron Orbitals, Electromagnetic Spectrum, etc.)

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Chapter 7Light and Stuff1The electromagnetic spectrumaContinuous range of radiant every also called electromagnetic radiation2Wave Properties of LightaWave lengthiDistance from crest to crest or trough to troughbWavelength and frequency realted byiWavelength times frequency equals the speed of light in a vacuum3Diffraction and interferenceaDiffraction as light passes through slitsbPropagating waves overlap inout of phase4The Doppler effectaDoppler effectiMotioninduced shift of frequency1Example pitch of police siren or train whistle changes when moving toward youaway from youiiRed shift light from object moving away is shifted to longer wavelengthsiiiLight from distant galaxies is redshifted consistent with Big Bang Theory5Atomic spectrum of sodiumaAtoms heated in a flame emit light consisting of bright lines of discrete wavelengths6Absorption of light dark line spectraaSample absorbs some wavelengths of light causing dark lines in the continuous spectra7Particles vs WavesaSome light properties not explained by wave theory eg incandescencebMax Planck
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