CJS 206 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Search Warrant, Polygraph

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16 Jun 2018
Chap 4
The Law and Criminal Investigation
1) Basic Terminology
- Occurs when the police take a person into custody for the
purpose of criminal prosecution and investigation.
- The police deprive that person of freedom (to leave).
Arrest Warrant
- A writ or precept issued by a magistrate, justice, or other
competent authority addressed to a sheriff, constable, or other
officer, requiring him to arrest the body of a person therein
named, and bring him/her before the magistrate or court to
answer, or to be examine, concerning some offense, which
he/she is charged.
- A government infringement into a person’s reasonable
expectation of privacy for the purpose of discovering things that
can be used as evidence in a criminal prosecution.
- An act of the police in taking control over a person or thing
because of a violation of the law.
Search Warrant
- Specifies the person, place, or vehicle to be searched.
- Specifies the type of items to be sized by the law enforcement
Three parts:
a) Warrant itself
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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