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Lecture 1

FCS 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Preschool, Kindergarten, Child Care

Family & Consumer Sciences
Course Code
FCS 250
michele ruby

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Overview of the ECE Profession
Chapter 1
1. Learning Objectives
a. Describe the types of programs for young children
b. Explain the sources of funding for early childhood programs
c. Describe the current training status of early care
2. Essentials: working with children
a. Understanding child development
i. Different milestones children go through
ii. Will help you plan curriculum better and talk to parents’ better
b. Providing opportunities to play
i. It’s how children learn
ii. Playing is learning
c. Guiding social and emotional development
i. Become more and more of a concern
1. Bullying is starting at a younger age
d. Working with families, parents, community
i. Could be working with anyone in that child’s family
e. Understanding and respecting diversity
3. Early childhood programs
a. Infant/toddler programs
i. Early childhood includes infant and toddler
b. Preschool education
i. Preschool starts at the age of 3 until kindergarten
ii. Been around for less than 100 years
c. Child care programs
i. Types of child care programs
1. Family home child care
2. Child care centers
a. Typically, 6 weeks until 5 years old
b. All day school
3. School-based child care
a. Ones in high schools
d. Early childhood special education
i. Public law
e. Kindergarten
i. Not always mandatory to go to kindergarten in states
1. Can skip right to first grade
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