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Illinois State University
GEO 102
Maria Schmeckle

Plate Tectonics Theory from 1960s of geology that explains everything1Past theoriesaGeologic timeiSlow processes can do a lot given enough timeiiMotion of earth plate tectonics moves very slowlyIRate of fingernail growthII50 cm a yeariiiTime periodsIFirst 4 billion yearsaDont know too much aboutbToo long agoIIRecent 600 million yearsaKnow A LOTbThe Prune Effecti1800siiFailed attempt number 1iiiThe molten earth cools and contractsIThe crust wrinkles and crumplesIIMountains formaWhat about rift valleysbWhat about the shape and position of the continentsivDoes not explain rift valleysvDoesnt explain the continents coming togethercThe Expanding Earthi1900siiFailed attempt number 2iiiLand masses are rippedIExplains the continentsaWhat about the mountain rangeivLike a balloon with spray paint blowing up ISpray paint breaks apartvThe earth has radioactive decayIWhy the earth is heateddContinental Drifti1915rdii3 theorysuccessiiiAlfred WegenerITheory of continental driftIINot of plate tectonicsIIIProcessor to plate tectonicsivPangaea super continentI200 million years agoIIFit together like pieces of a puzzleaFragmented and floated aroundIIIThought there was nothing to float on for land masses
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