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Stephanie Santucci113013HIS 104 Read and WriteThe VeilMarjane is shown wearing a veil in school during the 1980s along with the other girls at her school This was during a time that it was mandatory to wear a veil to school but the girls were confused and not very happy with this new rule The Bicycle Marjane is playing with her friends and describes the Iran Revolution as a bicycle saying that when the wheels dont turn it falls After getting books about the revolution she is able to get a better understanding about what is happening in her life such as the burning of the local cinema The Water CellThe idea that the king was chosen by God is taught in Marjanes school and she has her own strong beliefs of this On the other hand her parents are involved in a mob that retaliates against the king by throwing stones at the army PersepolisAfter Marjane talks to her grandmother about her familys past she learns that her family suffered from poverty because of their grandpa serving time in jail After not understanding what people were talking about when the king was brought up at the hospital Marjane finds herself reading her book The Reasons For The Revolution so that she can understand betterThe LetterMarjane reads stories of about children who were put to work which explained to her the reasons why her family had a maid who was only eight years old and the differences in social class Marjane and the family maid Mehri were great friends and Marjane was there to help her when she was in need with her fianc The PartyAfter Black Friday there were many massacres that occurred and the Shah wanted to move towards a democratic government Marjane gets in trouble at school after she retaliates against her teacher and says that the Shah was chosen by God after she was instructed to tear his picture out of her textbook The Heroes
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