HIS 101 Lecture 6: west civ 2.8.2017

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8 Feb 2017

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The Persian Problems and Classical Greece
The Greeks one because the city states banded together and once that threat was gone
(Persian) the stronger Polis competed for control of Greece
As a result of uniting this united front, Athens is able to gain control over most of the Polis
which leads to a golden age in Athens.
Spartan Strength:
- No democracy, mixed constitution
- From a young age your goal is to be a warrior
- This is important eause it’s true. At the tie the Persia ars reak out, the strogest
Polis in all of Greece is Sparta, militarily
- They also do’t hae ay oloies eause they had o ties oerseas hih ade the
slightly more impartial.
This war did not have to happen
Persian Empire greatest 490 BC
In 494 they were fine letting Greece do its thing
This whole thing starts at Miletus
It is a Polis ruled by an oligarchy
I 149 it’s eig ruled y Tyrats
Part of a group of colonies (Ionian Colonies)
- They are tehially o the oarder of Persia’s esterost proie
- The tyrants were very closely tied to the Persian court.
- The worst offender was the tyrant in Miletus and they remove him in 499
(Ionian Revolt)
The Athenians cared.
The Greek mainland came to help and sent troops and sack a Persian city in the process.
The emperor is a little mad.
After the Athenians sacked Sardis and helped with the revolt, they just left.
The Persian Emperor is not really as mad at the Ionian Colonies as he is at the Athenians.
He sends troops to Athens. Sends about 20,000 men. His elite forces.
They land in Marathon.
Battle of Marathon
- The Greeks have the phalanx
- Phalanx = victory
Many Persians died, not a lot of Athenians.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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