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Lecture 2

HIS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Girondins, Sans-Culottes, Great Fear

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HIS 102
Varga- Harris

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French Revolution Through Napoleon
Louis XVI
1789: Starting date of the revolution
1791: The constitution is completed
Enlightenment trends are very important. Rumors played an interesting role in the revolution.
Beginning of the Revolution
- Gov’t power was in question. Who should be able to have it? How much should they
- Bottom up vs Top down Revolution
The King agrees to form a national assembly - national government.
Note the similarity between the English Civil War and Russian Revolution.
- Taxes had to be raised to pay for the war [ the 7 years war ]
- The tax system at the time was unfair.
- The burden of the taxes was placed on the third estate.
Social tension was also prevalent at this time.
- The very poor nobles were mad because people in the estates can buy nobility because
they couldn’t. Gets rid of social nobility.
There is also a lot going on in the Catholic Church at this time.
- Political conflict: The reformed catholics in gov’t against the monarchy.
Jansenism: A puritanical and reformist form of Catholicism.
June of 1788
- Day of Tiles” in Grenoble
The estates general meets May 5th 1789.
The revolution in the countryside
The great fear - Rumors spread. The city of Paris would be starved.
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