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Lecture 3

HIS 102 Lecture 3: Western Civ Lecture 3

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HIS 102

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HIS 102 Section 001 Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I. Europe at the End of the Middle Ages II. Religion in Europe III. Medieval Society in the “West” Outline of Current Lecture I. Renaissance II. Northern Italian City States III. Patronage IV. Key Concepts of Renaissance Art and Architecture V. Humanism VI. Northern Renaissance Current Lecture The Renaissance Renaissance: “rebirth” of learning, art, and culture in the 15 and 16 centuries in Europe. o The renaissance impacted all of Western Europe. o It was the beginning of a secular society.  Less focus on religion. o Also the beginning of a transition to modernity. o Only touches the highest class of society during this time period, mostly just rich white males.  About 1% of Europe’s population. o Did the women have a renaissance?  Arguably, the women didn’t have their own renaissance as this was a time of learning, art, and culture for rich men. These notes rused as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.e. GradeBuddy is best  In fact, conditions for women in this time period seem to worsen. th th o A better, broader definition: it is a cultural period in the 14 – 16 centuries that coincides with medieval Europe. It began in Italy and effected mostly Western th th Europe, then later in the long run (17 and 18 centuries) reached Europe. Northern Italian City States They were very wealthy, earning their money through trade and crafts. There came to be a lot of political turmoil and warfare… o The government system was a republic. o The number of people allowed to vote was very restricted. o It was a rule by oligarchies. o Warfare was brought on as they tried to extend their territories in Northern Italy. Along with social and economic turmoil… o Turmoil was brought on by the plague (mid-14 century)  Scholars say the exact year was about 1348.  The plague arrive in Europe from China by two passages…. One arrives on ship on the Italian peninsula, the other comes through the Eurasian step in Russia on the Silk Road.  60% of the population is killed.  Leads to an economic decline during the time of the plague.  The renaissance comes out on the other side of the plague. Patronage  Central and stimulating, especially in the arts. o Lead to a rising arts scene. 2 o The people wanted to view something beautiful in the face of everything that is ugly.  Art becomes a representation of glory. o Art as seen as a political text. Example; Michelangelo’s David as a symbol of the fall of the “goliath”, the Medici family.  There is a shifting role of the artist. o Seen as becoming someone special, seen as a genius instead of just a craftsman. Example; Paying Da Vinci ridiculous sums of money for a painting because he is
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