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Lecture 6

HIS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Constitutionalism, Elbe, Kingdom Of Prussia

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Course Code
HIS 102

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HIS 102 Section 001
Outline of Last Lecture
I. Pre-existing Conditions
a. France
b. The Netherlands
c. Bohemia
II. Thirty Years War
a. Impact on the People
b. Peace of Westphalia
c. Effects of the War
Outline of Current Lecture
I. Pre-Conditions of Absolutism
II. France
a. Henry IV
b. Cardinal Richlieu
c. Cardinal Marazin
d. Louis XIV
III. Eastern Europe
IV. Russia
a. Ivan IV
b. Peter I
Current Lecture
Two forms of government emerge.
Preconditions of Absolutism
oTraditional order of society, defined by estates and ranks within estates.
“Body Politic”
oMounting pressures on peasants and nobles.
oMonarchs bent on increasing direct authority.
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