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Lecture 15

HIS 111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Posse Comitatus Act, Solid South, Reconstruction Acts

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HIS 111
Tina Brakebill

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HIS 111 U.S. History
Week 15
Radical Reconstruction
Joint Committee on Reconstruction
Civil Rights Act of 1866vetoed by A, Johnson, overridden
Military Reconstruction Act of 1867South divided into 5 military districts
14th Amendmentratified 7/1868 (largely by Southern states seeking readmission)
o Citizenship redefinedno longer a state option (overturns Dred Scott Case)
o Equal-protection clause
o Penalties for restricting suffrage
15th Amendment (ratified 2/1870)bars denial of franchise
Reconstruction in the South
Black voting and representationbut only 1 house of 1 session in 1 state
majority black
Charges of fraud and abusebut not egregious compared to other
Southern legislatures
Land ownership—hites’  %; laks’  20% (but much lost by 1890s)
Reconstruction eds Redeptio
Southern campaign
White ostalgia fo ―the Old South resolution to make it
live again
Dueat of ausatios agaist ―Reostutio
Ku Klux Klanintimidation campaign
More local vigilantes than organized conspiracy
1870-71US authorizes troops against KKK
KKK essentially crushed
Grant fearful of political repercussions
1872Southern whites aado GOP; ―Solid South born
1874GOP loses H/Reps Congressional Reconstruction
effectively over
―Mississippi Pla (1875+)
Deoats’ ―ifle lus hunt down Republicans
Mississippi’s lak lt. goeo ipeahed & eoed;
governor quits
Northern disinterestbooming, growing, and moving west o
Election of 1876
o Compromise of 1877
o Reconstruction over (now official)
Posse Comitatus Act (18 USC 1385)Army
forbidden to enforce laws
Ji Crow Era—―Redeees tiuphat
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