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Lecture 4

MUS 152 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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Illinois State University
MUS 152
Thomas Faux

TOuch the Sound eGoosJ Evelyn-alennie-pea ussionst the Sound "(2005) evelyn eknne, pexzursionus 노maindwactu sEvelyn 15 plofoundly deaf-z almost at the way deaf Lean she bea,thuelaat Why this ttlle Zn- what stans tS being told and how s t being told : Is the film e ective 7ths manithe MMd a b thr dau ? - 247117 Yin-he aMhitectue of a pick of must Form-us-donut b must hur hill form is als5, antid IS WAki buildwy mattnai Adences-de adily ot A atu the way blw dnaur 3) statons-rrep4lms el leters i aoukofghaces letus of the alphabet AA BB etz_ ceda i the talkonth.piur.cfe museu-endin binary farm-a patfam ndnl-torm : blk-like Dante muskof Bntish Tcles → AAgg Chrwu x-muscol the Andes: nn68cc 4tmatu) → men singing 之men Singing, ostinato : a rematne-viavase alea. 4 need fart' If Ex oh for Bwe',ブーP00200 chAMS Agoh and re h forncm Sue plan anta Husic-tateomplemm mc m aut -stan.quartetiiseviolinLend violin, Viola. rello chamxr musc: connevtd for a small non-erAu nFtyuMu All th cun-d ーーーーーーてーーーーーーーーー TOuch the Sound eGoosJ Evelyn - a
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