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Lecture 2

MUS 152 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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MUS 152
Thomas Faux

lyalil 17 cosmoloaTiwun of the unive ALoutus : the seenhfic study of Sound rdGwkane in-the air Luave actora. uken santhunt henas alo), the air a tr moved r the moleculespush enguns each-other-nwaations- ad ons-whexc oared ht the uv dvum ーrmahanual cnuauthen tumrnha elezhial bag in attrpads a ーーーthe faster the Mbahan-he-hance the ptl humans can hear dokpS-20,000 hodze beats per stunt also CH2 amplitude-power-or etc. the mover on an intunwame a resonator- wooden box something to make the sound bAder fan her Notes (cveaadayuund-Loss- A-44b bus (stardanian unl mato,the wond) also an A-Lea halve the -also-an-Hed20-bas nctuvents any ote or14-Capable at-one-pltd ーーーーEx. piano, each keu is only able to nts s trewhone. Moli! 土tively bur ) : the WLL of an Inchunknt ーdeleyllllled by partzal vibaians → even4 ulblatan ewoulwauklelendalettl,diffrent | Cakemass of Thenaments eHus.colog sts, susttm eMusicolpAs / ”Herb donne (Wil instruments ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー ーMLinkranoch ne (drum nshuments- tat hasen (mest pununen ener nmental lyngd inst nament i thi uhok4hint Mkals Ex. bell ls flechanaai elicit ld waatts -ㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧㄧ MPH lyalil 17 cosmoloaTiwun of the unive ALoutus : the
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