PSY 110 Lecture 17: Ch 14. More Behaviors

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PSY 110
Cathleen Campbell- Raufer

Conformity • Adopting group norms • Asch’s classic conformity study o Judging lengths of lines Obedience • Miligram’s classic obedience study o Shocking people o 65% of people were willing to shock at maximum • Asking parents to borrow their car after they say no is o Door in the face • Foot in the door o Small request first • Door in the face o Starts large o Ask something big, make them feel guilty, then ask smaller request • Lowballing o Reduce terms later o Get in agreements, less terms favorable • That’s Not All o Sweeten the pot o High but make offer more favorable • Group influencing o Presence of other’s enhance performance on easy tasks and impairs it on difficult tasks ▪ Audience effects • When others watch ▪ Coaction • Group watches and does the task • When people relax is social loafing, while social facilitation arouses us • Groupthink is more likely with which kind of leader o Dynamic and influential • Group polarization o Discussion leads to a shift toward a more extreme position • Groupthink o Extreme concurrence seeking • In Zimbardo’s prison study o Personalities changed o Stopped simulation in 6 days Attitude • Cognitive o Thoughts • Emotions o Feelings • Behaviorally o Actions • Cognitive dissonance o Aversive state when attitudes and behaviors are inconsistent Arson and Mills • 1959 • Sever initiation makes people value membership o Females and males experimenter o Severe embarrassment said was enjoyable • Vote for me is which example of attitude
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