PSY 110 Lecture 21: Ch. 8 Cont. Adulthood

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PSY 110
Cathleen Campbell- Raufer

Which comes first in the language development • Cooing The children with parents of which style are most likely to abuse drugs? • Permissive Adolescence • Not synonymous with puberty • Begins with Which is a primary sexual characteristic? • Not directly related to reproduction Emerging Adulthood • Late teens to early 20’s o Brain is still maturing • Some transitions o Academic, Conduct and friendship re easier than others ▪ Romantic and work • If you live an average amount of years, what percentage will be lived as an adult o 70% Early and Middle Adulthood • On average, we live 70% of life as an adult • Early (20-40 years) and middle (40-65 years) o Primary and secondary physical changes ▪ Primary • Sight going away by age ▪ Secondary • Overexpose skin to sun • Abuse alcohol o Menopause ▪ Males have lower hormonal o Intellectual changes ▪ College benefits • Younger people have better reaction time • Verbatim memorization • Older people are better at most things • 1, minimally traditional There are two kinds of intelligence • Fluid o Based on neurochemistry o Nothing to do with education o How fast neurons fire ▪ Reaction time o Older people • Crystallized o Based on education o Where older people can show intelligence more • Only fluid shows decrements • Which is false? o Parenthood increases marital satisfaction Social Development • Marriage and divorce statistics o Age of first marriage has gone up to 26 for females o Gone up to 28 for males o Divorce has doubled ▪ Marital satisfaction goes down after a child ▪ Females because think the mate is out with the child more ▪ 50% of all households are with couples o Increased happiness with happy marriage • Stressor overload for 40-60 year olds o Un
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