PSY 110 Lecture 22: Ch. 11 Personality

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Illinois State University
PSY 110
Cathleen Campbell- Raufer

Chapter 11 Personality Theory and Development Which is not a term used to describe Freud’s Theory? • Subconscious Personality • Unique and unchanging psychological characteristics/behaviors • Freud’s Psychoanalysis Theory o Conscious ▪ Short term memory ▪ What you’re thinking about currently o Preconscious ▪ What you can easily access ▪ Anything stored in memory ▪ Long term memory o Unconscious ▪ All violent motivations ▪ Selfish needs ▪ What causes us to act the way we are aware of ▪ Primary motivating force of behavior • Which part of your personality contains your conscience? o Superego • Three systems o Id ▪ Subconscious ▪ Don’t have access to ▪ Pleasure principle ▪ Life forces, death forces ▪ Urges and desires o Ego ▪ All 3 levels ▪ Reality principle ▪ Environmental demands ▪ Instinctual needs o Superego ▪ 3 levels ▪ Conscience ▪ Doesn’t develop until ages 5 or 6 ▪ Contains morality ▪ Ego ideal • How you should act ▪ Problem • Demands perfection o Ego defense mechanism ▪ Repression • Most commonly used • Removing unpleasant memories from consciousness ▪ Projection • Take feelings and project them onto someone else • A wife is flirting with several men, but then blames it on husband and claims he is doing the flirting ▪ Denial • Something so traumatic, deny it exists • Alcoholic doesn’t acknowledge addiction ▪ Rationalization • Create a socially acceptable excuse • Cheating on an exam and come up with “Well everybody cheats” ▪ Regression • Going back to earlier stage in development • Harm someone in an immature way ▪ Reaction formation • Some view or opinion that isn’t acceptable to you • Expressing ideas and emotions opposite to how you feel ▪
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