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Lecture 1

PSY 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Depressant

Course Code
PSY 110

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What is psychology?
A. Study of behavior and mental processes
B. Not just humans – also animals
1. Cross-species comparisons
2. Can do things with animals that are unethical to do with humans
i. Control environments
ii. Administer risky interventions
C. Application of scientific knowledge to promote human and animal welfare
D. Not just common sense
1. Example: ADHD – causes brain to be hyper active so you think that a depressant
would help but that is not the case. They need a stimulant to get the focusing part of the brain to
E. Uses an empirical (scientific) method
Many Areas of Focus
A. Biological/Physiological Psychology
1. Study of...
i. The brain
ii. The nervous system
iii. Genetics
iv. Effects of medications on behavior
B. Cognitive Psychology
1. Study of mental processes:
i. Memory
ii. Thinking
iii. Decision-making
C. Developmental Psychology
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