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SOC 108
Aaron Pitluck

Soc 108Friday January 17 2014105 PMSOC 108Lecture Notes03182014Spring 2014 Pitluck Wallersteins version of BOOMS and BUST Says its a function of politics Also know as the Kondratief CyclesKondratief Cycles haveState supports quasimonopolies1Economic Growth n Profits2State gets stronger 3 BUSTOvertime capitalist losers nonmarkets always destroy quasimonopolies of capitalist winner often with state help leading to over production Ex Prescription Drugs Firms die and shrink Economy shrinksless mulaState grows weakerSTATE MUST MUSTER ALL RESOURCES TOGETHER AND FORM ANOTHER QUASIMONOPOLIES TO BOOM AGAIN QM and PolThe world economy is the Boom and Bust of many quasimonopolies but how long the quasimonopoly last depends on politics as capitalist losers go to the state to push open the quasimonopoly and create more competition At the same time the state must form the quasi monopolyCHIROT SAYS QUASI MONOPOLIES CAUSED BY TECHNOLOGY and WIN SAYS QM CAUSED BY POLITICSWin Says there will always be new technologies but what matters is who controls itWHY WOULD WALDERSTERIN SAY QM CAUSES BOOMSthe more quasi monopolies the more private markets and more revenue the more revenue a state makes the stringer it gets from support of its citizens who will start to support QMHOW CAN STATE DEVELOP QUASI Monopolies Advocating ITT POLICIES Industry Gov subsidies and support of core production processesTrade protective trade policies to promote core production processes Impose free tree on competitors Tech Gov support of Education ResearchREADING QUIDE QUESTIONS 1821 The Creation of Global Ideologies Culture Blue print on how to behave in societyGeoculture Stories told on a world level that are seen as globally legitimate that we tell as the causes and consequences of social phenomenonIdeology Political strategyRead Pg 60 Wallerstein says from French Revolution 3 ideologies was born Conservatism Liberalism Radicals FR CHANGED THE GEOCULTURE OF MODERN WORLD SYSTEM Political change viewed as normal how things are suppose to go rather than extraordinary unexpectedChanging the mindset of the people from monarchy to sovereignty Reorientation Inclusion and Exclusion POLITICS OF INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION Conservatives LiberalsChange is extraordinary and violentChange is normal If the change is inevitable we need to decide The educated specialist should decide on whos included Whos going to be included on the new way of life They believe the ELITES religious leaders kings and queens monarchs should be in charged on Who gets to vote
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