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Contradictions of Womanhood and A Strange Stirring.doc

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Illinois State University
SOC 112
Maria Schmeckle

Contradictions of Womanhood and A Strange StirringInclass notes 10161Contradictions of womanhood in the 1950saCharacteristicsiPolitical conformityiiCultural conservatismiiiSocial repressivenessivFemale passivitybYetiMore women working1Not careersaAntifemininebSecondary2Like job too muchaNot paying enough attention to husbandiiMore women in school1Different reasonsaBecome good wives and mothers2Were not encouraged to be ambitious3Not careerscMass media and advertisers reinforcing assumptionsiTV and moviesiiFreudian focus on penis envy and sex differencesiiiParsons instrumental and expressive roles1Functionalism2Everyone should be in rolesdHigh brow critique and behindthescenes activismiRead by very educatedelite publiciiCritique not hitting main stream of society1Critiquing societyiiiBehind the scenes activism1McCarthyismaHunt down suspicious people2People were afraid to disagree with status quo3Did this behind the sceneseMore mixed messages than Friedan admittediNot that there were no argumentsiiThey just were not realized by the mainstream1Very low key2More mixed messages that Friedan did not discussiiiFriedan overstated that everyone loved the 1950s family model1Not everyone didfWomens jobs were secondary and not meant to threaten husbandiQuit job to make husband feel more secure2Anne Parsons
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