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Lecture 4

SPA 116 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Arabic Poetry, Infinitive

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SPA 116
Ruben Horna

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Reflexive Constructions: Pronouns and Verbs
Reflexive constructions in Spanish are generally used to describe actions that people to do, or
for, themselves
Notice that we often indicate that a verb is to be used reflexively by attaching se onto the
infinitive :acostarse (ue) por ejemplo
El despertador suena a las 5:00
Yo me levanto temprano
Reflexive pronouns
Me Nos
Te Os
Se Se
Se Se
The only reflexive that differ are third persons singular and plural. Notice Se serves for both
Me baño Nos bañamos
Te bañas Os bañaís
Se baña Se bañan
Clara se seca y se viste después de bañarse.
Isabel se peina.
Isabel peina a su hermana.
Papá se seca el pelo antes de peinarse
Su hija se sienta al tocador y se maquilla.
Todos nos acostamos temprano.
Reflexive constuctions are often used to describe feelings, moods, conditions,
Alegrarse de to become happy about
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