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The purpose of theater is tooEducateStress the dignity of humanity and the human spiritExamine individual religious and secular valuesExplore our civic freedomReflect and explore communitytribalism multicultural sexual socialoEntertainTo divert or escapeTo learn what not to doComedies are a social correctiveDefinition of theater as opposed to film television web based media sportsoThe performances must be liveoIt must be presented before a live audience shared spaceoIt must be a representation of humans in actionoIt must be a repeatable with infinite variationoIt must have actors pretending to be someone elseThe poetics by Aristotle CIRCA 335 BCEoThe first systematic treatise on dramatic criticism and remains to this day the most importantTheater is composed of 6 parts elementsoPlot character diction music spectacleoThis is hierarchical plot is most important spectacle is least importantoCannot separate these from each otherPlotoA series of events designed to bring about a specific response oIt must be whole beginning middle and endoIt is composed ofExpositionInciting incident opposing forcesComplication rising action reversals response to inciting incident new element has been introduced to the plot
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