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Lecture 21

ACCT 497 Lecture 21: ACCT 497 Day 21

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Iowa State University
ACCT 497
Lee Suman

ACCT 497 Day 21 • Group project o 3 to 5 pages o Case in Case book o Answer questions after the case o 35 points o Submit case paper on blackboard Chapter 8: Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle • CPS Case o Made fraudulent vendors, but went to the same address o Lined up 9 former classmates and students to pose as CPS vendors o Incentive: Wanted the cash o Opportunity: ▪ Watchdog office was under-staffed and under-funded ▪ He was technology coordinator o Recommendation ▪ Verify address is an actual business ▪ Send confirmation to business • Inherent Risks o Unrecorded liabilities ▪ Completeness is checked more than existence or occurrence o Non-cancelable purchase agreements ▪ Recognize losses o Capitalizing expenses • Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle o • Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle: Typical Activities o Purchase Goods and Services ▪ Department requesting purchase of item(s) prepares a purchase requisition ▪ Bidding may be required on high dollar purchases ▪ Purchasing prepares a purchase order (approved) by the appropriate person (usually dependent on dollar amount of PO) ▪ May be done electronically by EDI o Receiving the Goods or Services ▪ After vendor approval, goods are received by company and evidenced by preparing a (receiving report) o Recording the Asset or Expense and Related Liability ▪ Vendor bills company for goods using a vendor’s (invoice) o Paying the invoice through the cash disbursement process • Audit Evidence in Management Reports and Data Files o Open purchase orders ▪ Check to see if this is still open o Unmatched receiving reports o Unmatched vendor invoices o Accounts (vouchers) payable trial balance o Purchases journal o Fixed asset reports • Control Procedures o Information processing controls ▪ Compare PO number on BOL with company PO ▪ Compare (quantities) against receiving report and purchase order ▪ Compare (prices) against quoted price or catalog listing ▪ Recompute vendor's invoices ▪ Determine when to pay invoice ▪ Properly prepare voucher o Separation of duties ▪ (Authorization) of the purchase is done by the purchasing
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