COMST 218 Lecture 2: Intro to Conflict

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COMST 218: Intro to Conflict
Dr. Sweet
Define Interpersonal Conflict
Define Conflict Management
Define Civility and Explain Its Current Problems
Why Study Conflict?
Constructive conflict improves well-being / happiness
Presence or absence of conflict does not determine the quality of a
Agree or disagree?
If we understand something about our family of origin’s conflict approach
we can understand something about our own approach
Effective conflict management skills are key
Effective conflict management skills at work are crucial to career success
Conflict Management
Communication behavior a person employs based on his or her analysis of
the situation
Conflict Resolution à one way in which parties resolve a conflict and expect
it to not arise again
Defining interpersonal Conflict
Four Criteria
1. Interdependence
Interdependence: Relationship is characterized as being
continuous, important, and worth the effort to maintain
2. Incompatible goals/outcome or Incompatible means
Goals • Seeking different outcomes
• E.g., keeping the apartment clean
• Means • Same outcome but different path
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find more resources at
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