COMST 218 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Fundamental Attribution Error, Name Calling, Undue Influence

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COMST 218: Perspectives of Conflict
Dr. Sweet
Perceptive Talking
Cognitive, ethical, and perceptual frames of an individual (Goldberg,
Thinking Makes it so…
Worldview: cognitive, ethical, and perceptual frames of an
individual (Goldberg, 2009)
Conception of the world
e.g., a potential romantic partner suggests getting
together for a drink. Right before you are to meet s/he
calls and suggests dinner instead. Do you expect this
person to pay?
e.g., The unpopular student is being picked on by
classmates. Do you join in, do nothing, or stick up for the
person being picked on?
e.g. You meet someone who you find attractive but learn
this person, though still married, is separated from her/his
spouse. Do you pursue a romantic relationship with this
Views on Conflict
Negative and Positive Valance
(-) Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal
Conflict is pathological
Conflict should be reduced or avoided
Conflict can be the result of clashes of personality
(+) Management of conflict is key
Conflict is natural
Conflict is good and necessary
Conflict can have highly desirable, productive functions
in a relationship
Negative Views
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find more resources at
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