HD FS 102 Lecture 1: Reflection

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LD ST 322 Leadership Styles and Strategies in a Diverse Society
The Danger of a Single Story
After reieing this eek’s chapter on relational leadership, the Adichie TED talk, and social identities lecture,
please respond with a well-written paragraph to each of the following questions.
1. Identify a passage in Adichie’s speech which particularly resonates with you (strongly
agree/disagree). Quote the passage and explain your view of it.
A passage in Adichie’s speech that resonates with me is “When we reject the single story. When we
realize that there is never a single story about any place. We regain a kind of paradise”. The quote is from the
final lines of Adichie’s speech. She is encouraging us to seek out different stories to our own. She is also calling
us to action to motivate the audience to look at stories from all different angles and not just one angle directly in
front of us. Listening to her talk, she uses around ten different smaller stories to share her greater core message.
All the stories fit together, I believe her story telling makes her talk so compelling. She is not just telling the
audience what they should not or know, she is showing the audience what she means through her own personal
life experience.
2. How do you see the concept of a single story being played out in our national conversation at this
particular time in our nation's history?
The concept of a single story is being played out in our national conversation at this particular time in
our nation’s history through President Trump not allowing individuals to immigrant to our country because he
assumes they are all terrorists. In short, he is defining the experience based on 9/11, which is a single account
and gives up incomplete information and creates damaging perspectives of immigrants. Overall, Adichie’s point
is that each individual life contains a heterogenous composition of stories. If you reduce all people to one, you
are taking away their humanity. It is unfair to consider all individuals terrorists due to the actions of one
3. When have you viewed another person or group of people as only a single story? If so explain the
situation and why this exists.
I viewed another group of people as only a single story at my job. During the summer, I am a lifeguard
in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Downtown Sioux Falls, is populated by predominantly by a Native
American culture. Especially in downtown Sioux Falls, the poverty level is extremely low and many individuals
assume this is due to the Native American population. When I began working at the swimming pool, I assumed
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