JL MC 476 Lecture 3: Final Extra Credit

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Journalism and Mass Communication
JL MC 476
Cozma Raluca

Samantha Lenz JLMC-477 April 24 2017 I attended the campus lecture called “Shining a Light in Darkness” presented by Glenn Smith. The vocus of the lecture was the vital role of the First Amendment in community journalism. I was excited about this topic because in my JLMC-477 class, Ethnicity, Gender, Class and the Media, we just got done discussing the Framing Theory. The Framing Theory is how the media highlights certain and then places them within a particular context to encourage or discourage certain interpretations. Often times, the framing theory is looked closely when it comes to community journalism. During his lecture, Smith discussed how community media outlets across the country have important stories to tell as well, which I viewed as a valuable
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