PSYCH 360 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Random Assignment

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Published on 6 Sep 2016
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Personality Psychology-
Experimental Method
Satisfies requirements of scientific research
oWell- controlled, can be replicated, and increases validity
Satisfies requirements of experimental design
oIndependent variables and dependent variables
Manipulated versus non-manipulated Independent variables
Independent Variable: Is manipulated
In a study where you would prescribe a medication, it
would be the type of the medication. The real drug or
the placebo.
In a study where the participants were exposed to
certain videos, it would be the videos shown.
Dependent Variable: The Variable that is being measured
In a study where the drug is given to reduce depression,
the level of depression is being measured.
oRandom Assignment
Random assignment is where each subject/participant has an
equal probability of getting into a group in the study
Ex. One way researchers conduct random assignment is
having the participants roll a die. If they get an even
number they are in a certain group and they are in the
other group if they roll an odd.
The experimental method is difficult to use when studying personality. You
do not see it often.
Case Study Method
This method focuses on a single person design.
oIt focuses on one person in depth
oThe research is very in depth, almost in a narrative sense. You can go
all the way back through developmental data to use as a starting
oYou cannot generalize the data you receive because the research
focuses on one single individual.
Correlational Method
Used to evaluate the relationship between two variables
No Manipulation
oDue to no manipulation you cannot establish a cause-and-effect
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oBecause of the no manipulation you can see naturally occurring
variables which can be useful
oYou cannot artificially create the environment in which you will
collect your data. You will see what’s happening in the real world.
oNot having a cause-and-effect
oWe can only make inferences about the data because we are not
controlling the environment.
oThere can be a Third Variable Problem
The third variable problem can be seen in studies that show
the correlation of things like ice cream and murders. They have
a positive correlation. This means that when there is more ice
cream selling there is more murders. This is not happening due
to ice cream sales this is happening because of another
variable- the weather. In the summer there are more ice cream
sales and people out & around, which can result in more
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