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Lecture 4

P R 321 Lecture 4: Direct Appeal Letter

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Public Relations
P R 321
Christine Jensen

Make-A-Wish Make-A-Wish Foundation of America 4742 N. 24th St. Suite 400 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Dear Friend, There is absolutely nothing worse than watching your six-year-old child suffer. My daughter Lili was given the hope to push back the call of death in thanks to the wonderful people at the Make- A-Wish Foundation. I hope you will give just one minute of your time to listen to the story of Lili, a story that can make you realize that you can make a miracle happen. With each donation made to Make-A-Wish you can give children like Lili the opportunity for the memory of a lifetime. When you donate to Make-A-Wish you can be confident that every penny of your donation directly impacts children’s lives. Thanks to donors like you, no wish is too big. Donations allowed Lili to receive her greatest wish of going to the Grammys with Selena Gomez. The trip changed her life and gave her the support and hope to continue fighting. Here at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, we are committed to providing life-changing wishes to terminally ill children. In the United States an
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