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Lecture 6

P R 321 Lecture 6: Planning Sheet

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Public Relations
P R 321
Christine Jensen

Samantha Lenz PR-321 (3) February 15 2016 Planning Sheet Public Relations Situation: Promotional Event through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Iowa to attract survivors and gather funds for wish granting Analysis of Key Publics: 1. Survivors ○ Giving back ○ Emotional support 2. Families of Survivors ○ Families supporting other families ○ Paying it forward News Pitch: Make-A-Wish hosts fundraising event to raise awareness and honor survivors Benefit Statement: Make-A-Wish assures that all donations will go to support wish granting. These Donations will provide the emotional and finance support needed to grant wishes to families nationwide. Tone of Message: Communications at event should be positive, supportive, gracious, hopeful and encouraging to all in attendance. Intended Outcomes: ● Raise funds ● Provide emotional support ● Increase awareness of Make-A-Wish Action Statement: Inviting survivors to the event and encouraging donations. Readability Range: A grade level of 5 would make this information accessible to key publics. NEWS from Samantha Lenz Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Iowa 605-351-1566 [email protected] 3021 104th St FOR IMMEDIATE REL
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