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Lecture 9

W S 201 Lecture 9: WS 201- Beauty and the Body

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Women's Studies
W S 201
Alexia Shante Angton

WS 201: Beauty and the Body 4/3/2017 9:10:00 PM What is beauty? (OOED) • 40 printed pages • 25 expressions with beauty (“therapist”, “parlor”, “man”, etc.) • Generally pleasing to eye or mind • “Especially women” X 3 • “Original U.S.” X 6 • Gender socialization and roles • Standards (beauty ideal) • Business • Contradiction: natural and needs work • Process of Othering The Beauty Myth • Naomi Wolf (1991) • Great paradox • Woman’s worth = appearance • All areas: relationships, jobs, politics, etc. • Myth: Beauty = success and happiness • Patriarchal and consumerist • Media: accomplices • Disempowering – turns women into objects • All internalize myth Beauty Standards • Historical and cross-cultural variations • Dominant group • Unrealistic • One-dimensional • Normative • Exclusive: no diversity Different cultures, different standards • Myanmar, Kayan people – extending neck with rings • Ethiopia, Mursi people • Mauritania, Leblouh – force feeding, big is beautiful • China, foot binding • Miger Guerewol, Wodaabe Fula people Globalization • Catering to specific cultures • National/Cultural standards • Neocolonialism/Imperialism (?) o Nivea South Africa, Nivea Middle East, Nivea Germany o Garnier Asia Consequences of Beauty Standards • Objectification and self-objectification • Peer-pressure and evaluation • Double and anti-egalitarian o Expected and stigmatized o Weight o Dress codes o Metro- versus Lumber-sexual • Eatin
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