W S 450 Lecture 9: Russia and Brazil

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Iowa State University
Women's Studies
W S 450
Alissa Kristine Stoehr

Russia • Effects of poverty on trafficking o Increase in economic growth have resulted in a need for affordable labor o Average monthly salary is $737.50 (2011 estimate) o Poverty rate in Russia is approximately 12.3 percent (2013 estimate) o Homeless children at risk of labor and commercial sexual exploitation o Children still work in dangerous activities such as repairing cars and collecting trash • Destination and transit country for both forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation o Forced labor ▪ construction industry, textile shops, agriculture, fishing ▪ North Koreans are labor trafficked into the logging industry ▪ Debt bondage o Commercial sexual exploitation ▪ legitimate employment and/or educational opportunities; really do not think they are going to be trafficked ▪ transit nation for those trafficked to the UAE ▪ forced begging ▪ Criminal Code does not include a definition of child pornography ▪ Ties to organized crime ▪ “Natasha”-any woman from Eastern Europe that is trafficked • “The Natashas”-Victor Malarek • Quote-p. 398 • Really no formal programs to help victims of trafficking • No comprehensive anti-trafficking law o Not all cases are considered trafficking o Charges are pled down o Not a lot of statistics o
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