AJ 4 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Procedural Justice, Sting Operation

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Jeff Koo
AJ 4
Criminal Law
Fall 2018
4 Units
The Police: Organization, Role, and Function
The Police Organization
Officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, deputy inspector, inspector, deputy chief,
assistant chief, bureau chief, chief of department, deputy commissioner, first deputy
commissioner, and police commissioner.
Citizens may be confused to who is in charge and two divisions may unknowingly
compete over jurisdiction because of lack of clear relationship.
Time in rank system: the promotion system in which a police officer can advance in rank only
after spending a prescribed amount of time in the preceding rank. Prohibits departments from
allowing officers to skip ranks and prevents them from hiring an officer to a higher rank.
The Police Role
Police role is both varied and complex. Not like in the movies.
The Patrol Function
2/3 and most face of the police force, are charged with supervising specific areas called
beats for the purpose of deterring crime, maintain public order, enabling department to
respond quickly to law violations or other emergencies, identifying and apprehension of
violators, aid individuals, facilitate movement of traffic, and lastly create a feeling of
Patrol Activities
Order maintenance: maintaining order and authority without the need for formal arrestkeeping
things under control by means of threats, persuasion, and understanding. Are community
problem solvers
Police officers practice a policy of selective enforcement, concentrating on some crimes
but handling the majority in an informal manner.
Improving Patrol
Proactive policing: an aggressive law enforcement style in which officers take the initiative
against crime instead of waiting for criminal acts to occur.
Broken windows model: the role of the police as maintainers of community order and safety.
Neighborhood disorder creates fear; neighborhoods give out crime promoting signals,
and police nee to aggressively target low-level quality of life crimes. Some people
perceive it as harassment, while others feel it is extremely effective.
Rapid response: quick response can be beneficial. Interrupts crime quicker, greater
deterrent effect, and imprisonment of offenders actually caught.
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