AJ 4 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Police Misconduct, Strategic Intelligence, Community Oriented Policing Services

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Jeff Koo
AJ 4
Criminal Law
Fall 2018
4 Units
Community Policing
Oriented Policing: programs designed to bring police and public closer together and create a
more cooperative environment between them.
Implementing Community Policing
Foot patrol: police patrol that takes officers out of cars and puts them on walking beat to
strengthen ties with the community.
The U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services is the go to
source for community policing funding.
The Challenges Of Community Policing
Defining community: community as an ecological area characterized by common norms,
shared values, and interpersonal bonds. Main focus is to make neighborhoods more crime
Defining roles: police administrators must establish the exact role of community police
Changing supervisor attitudes: actively embrace community policing
Reorienting police values: officers holding traditional values are less satisfied with
community policing.
Revising training: policing requires that departments alter their training requirements for
field training.
Reorienting recruitment: mid level managers who are receptive to and can implement
community change strategies must be recruited and trained.
Reaching out to every community: community policing must become flexible and
Overcoming Obstacles
Community policing can fit well with traditional policing, professional and highly
motivated officers are the ones most likely to support community-policing efforts. No
evidence that it works but communities trust officers more.
Problem Oriented Policing
Problem-oriented policing: a style of police management that stresses proactive problem solving
instead of reactive crime fighting.
Hot spots of crime: the relatively few locationsbars, malls, the bus depot, hotels, and certain
apartment buildingsfrom which a significant portion of police calls typically originate in
metropolitan areas.
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