GEOL 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Catawba River, North Carolina Highway 10, Coliform Bacteria

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21 Sep 2020
Hao Tran
Physical Geology
Notes: Geol 1
Water Quality & Availability
We need about 50 L/day for person to live comfortably
Water Quality
Water that is safe to drink and tastes good enough
Almost all water supplies contain some dissolved material
Question is whether a given amount of material is safe
Biological Contamination
Microbes can entre drinking water supplies
Fecal Coliform Count
# of coliform bacterial / 100 mL
Coliform bacteria used as a proxy
Drinking water = 0
Swimming/etc = 200
Chemical Contamination
Chemicals commonly added to water via infiltration and runoff
Water Quality clean up
Clean-up possible but difficult because it takes time and money
Faster recharge = easier to clean once contaminant source is isolated
‘Fast’ recovery = matter of years
Water Availability
Legal fights among states over who gets how much water from a reservoir
‘Downriver’ states suing ‘upriverstates for taking too much
Upriver states ay old water use agreements are outdated
Case Study: SC vs. NC
10 million gallons from the Catawba River annually
Catawba River accounts for about half the water supply to the SC low
Taken before US Supreme Court
SC & GA are in contention over the Savannah River
Case Study: GA vs. TN
GA state legislature has proposed legislation to move the state border
about 1 mile north
Claim is based on an 1818 surveying error placing border at the wrong
Case Study: Everyone in the SW US. Everyone else in the SW
Colorado River
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