GEOL 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Continental Crust, Sea Level Rise, Plate Tectonics

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21 Sep 2020
Hao Tran
Physical Geology
Notes: Geol 1
Geology In the News
PT 1: Coastal Processes & Features
Why should we care?
About 55% (3.85 billion) of the world population lives within 50 miles of
a coastline
Change in water level of ocean
Tidal Flats
Exposed in low tides
Covered in high tides
Tides cont.
High Tide
Sides facing towards & away from the moon
Low Tide
The in-between sides, not facing toward or away from moon.
Tide Height
Hawaii has a tidal range of 1-2 ft
Bay of Fundy has a tidal range of ca 40 ft!
Vary based on how connected to the ocean they are
How much space between waves
Change as they approach shore -> closer to shore = higher height
Waves Change as they approach short
Wave Refraction
Waves pivot towards sand
Parts of wave hit shallow end at different times
Longshore Current
Current that moves along the shoreline
Longshore Drift
Movement of sand sediment on the shore
Shoreline Features
Depends on:
Rock type
Sea level fluctuations
Storm size/strength
Types of Coastlines
Emergent Coastlines
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