GEOL 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Geologic Hazards, Continental Drift, Meteorology

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19 Oct 2020
Jeff Koo
Geol 1
Physical Geology
Spring 2019
4 Units
What is Geology?
The scientific study of the materials & processes that make up this planet
Who needs geology?
Avoiding Geologic hazards
Earth quakes
Other geologic hazards
The scientific Method
1) Ask a question
2) Collect observation
3) Analyze the data
4) Propose a hypothesis (guess) that explains the pattern you see if it has flaws, or if it
seems to work
5) Repeat 2-5 as needed
when a hypothesis is still valid after repeated testing, and becomes generally accepted, it is
elevated to the status of a theory scientists are very conservative and are reluctant to take the next
step to consider a fact
Alfred Wegner pg.494
A German meteorologist who proposed a radical new way to explain many aspects
of geology
In 1915 he proposed:
Continental drift
Continents have moved with respect to each other over geologic time
He used 4 lines of evidence to support his idea
1) Puzzle-like fit of continents
2) Fossil distributions
3) Mountain belt matchups
4) Permian glacial distribution
What do they have to do with sonar?
From a military viewpoint, what is the basic shortcoming with sonar?
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