GEOL 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Pyroxene, Lithification, Albite

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19 Oct 2020
Jeff Koo
Geol 1
Physical Geology
Spring 2019
4 Units
Guaranteed test questions according to Melchiorre
“you look at rocks in an area and they’re dark/MAFIC, are they dangerous and EXPLOSIVE?”
Types of Volcanoes
- Shield, cinder cone, composite
Lithification includes
- Compaction, cementation, crystallization
What built the “golden state”?
- Gold
In the world, Southern California is the second largest producer of?
- borates
Types of metamorphisms
- Contact metamorphism (thermal)
- Regional metamorphism (pressure/temperature)
Question #39: Borates are the most important economical resource in southern California.
We are the 2nd largest producers of borates in the world.
Rock cycle
Igneous rocks
-igneous rocks may cool deep beneath the surface, forming plutonic rocks, or be erupted onto the
surface, forming volcanic rocks.
Latin: igneus, “from fire”
Greek: Pluto, god of the underworld
Latin: Vulcan, god of fire
Igneous rocks
- Volcanic (extrusive) igneous rocks
o Cool fast, small crystals
o Form when molten rock (magma) in the earth’s interior rises to the surface
through pipes or fractures in the crust.
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