HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Underground Railroad, Religious Liberalism, Quills

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15 Jun 2020
Hum 1
Introduction to Humanities
Reform & Abolition - Main Ideas
Setting for philanthropy in antebellum US
Favorable legal climate
Erosion of traditional social order
Moral responsibility and duty to community
Second Great Awakening and religious liberalism
Reform movements - interrelated yet disconnected
Bible and Tract societies, Sunday schools, missionary and utopian
societies, temperature, first-wave feminism, and abolition
Underground Railroad
Most americans did not condone slavery but were conflicted over how to
end it
Slavery evil but feared dissolution of the country
Slavery evil but multiracial society not possible
Gradual vs. immediate emancipation
Many considered abolitionists a dangerous fringe movement
threatening to disrupt the social order
Scaring slaveholders strengthened their opposition to a peaceful
resolution and riveted the chains of the slaves”
Judge to defendant in 1839 Ohio trial for violation of state;s Fugitive
Slave Law:
Your present situation should be a warning to you and you
should not allow yout excessive philanthropy to lead you into
similar aggressions in the future.”
Role of ordinary women”
Built upon decades of organized benevolence, British
models of antislavery work
Black and white women worked together
Emphasized education through lectures, writing, and door-to-door
petition campaigns
Quills” were their weapons
Religious affiliations ~ revival atmosphere
Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising
Direct solicitations, dues
Fairs and bazaars
Lasted up to 1 week in major cities
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