HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Conflict Resolution, Social Skills, Eugene S. Ferguson

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15 Jun 2020
Hum 1
Introduction to Humanities
What do the arts accomplish?
Sense of belonging
Social and individual identity
Conflict resolution
Use the whole mind
If the arts serve many purposes, how should we support them?
Art means a lot of things to a lot of people (p. 62)
Making something ordinary extraordinary
Art creates oneness and unity
The core cannot sustain itself
The case for philanthropy Why do people attend the arts?
73% to socialize
64% to learn
63% to experience
51% to support
Why do people not attend the arts?
47% time
38% cost
37% access
22% nobody to go with (student ID = free pass)
Literary Readers and arts participants are more than twice as likely to volunteer
in their communities
Literary readers and art participants engage in sports twice as frequently
Both performing arts attendance and literary reading among young adults (age
18-24) have dropped (between 1982-2002)
Volunteering among young adults has also dropped (between 1982-2002)
The 92nd American Assembly
The report concludes that the arts:
Help to define what it is to be an American
Contribute to quality of life and economic growth
Help to form an educated and aware citizenry
Enhance individual life
If the arts serve many purposes, how should we support them?
Six major benefits associated with study of the arts and student achievement
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