HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Langston Hughes

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15 Jun 2020
Hum 1
Introduction to Humanities
Government and the Arts
What difference does the arts make?
Consensus of the importance
How do we pay for it? Who do we pay for it?
How do we prioritize the fine arts when there is a paucity of resources?
Offers a sense of cultural identitycan be both unifying and excluding
Serve as a trope in cultural backdrop of a particular city
Economic ArgumentOffers a Robust Argument for the Funding of the Arts (Advocacy)
Need to provide ammunition for all of the arts around the country
Most government and legal bodies will be more convinced by the hard facts of
financial incentivizing, as opposed to focusing exclusively the quality of life
--which might not matter to constituents
Arts organizations bring in tourists
Business purposes, allows staying longer, hotel use longer
Promotes the local economy: Parking, Food, etc.
Causes and resources associated
Identify opportunity costs associated with each
Consult with expert opinions
Identify outlets for funding
Begin campaigning through social outlets
Launch Discussions on Tackling the Lack of Instructional Time
No exact plan stated other than emphasizing the gaps and creating awareness
Group decided that it is important to incorporate the disciplines by gradejust
put the arts within the context of what we are already doing
This could be a way of curriculum integration
Coach Schools to Create Arts Partnerships
Local with local museums, Parks and Trail to volunteer to learn about
Partner with random street art developments and partner this into the school
After-school programs could be an opportunity
Create Professional Development Opportunities
Again, the incorporation of science classes into art
Emphasize the need for arts in explicating difficult science complexes
Motives of Authors
Basic human need
In group
Out group
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