HUM 2 Lecture 8: Humanities 2 - Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome - 8

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Published on 29 Jul 2020
Jeff Koo
Humanities 2
Culture of Ancient Greece
Fall 2019
4 units
Wrote lyric poetry
Using a lyre
Epic poetry is about remote past, Gods and heroes, wars, and origins
Lyric poetry, genres reflected by meter
Much more present and immediate genre
Didn’t care about tossing aside shield (Mark of cowards that no one would ever
So offensive that it became illegal to call someone a shield dropper
No Homeric hero would ever
Fragment 22
Charon does not desire great Tyranny
First believed Archilochus was in rejection of great tyranny
Doesn’t say tyranny is a bad thing
Gyges, r. 685-652
Reigned in Lydia
Pheidon of Argos
First true tyrant
Difficult to date him
Sometimes between 8th to maybe even 6th century
Herodotus, Ephorus, Pausanias
Herodotus 6.127 (5th Century)
Established standard weights and measures for entire Peloponnese
Displayed greatest act of hubris of any Greek when he expelled
magistrates of Olympic games and presides over them himself
Later historians try to add to the record
Sometimes embellish the record
Ephorus (4th Century)
Echoes Herodotus about Pheidon
Adds the Pheidon established standard coinage (But we know this was
In 4th and 5th century, coinage and weights were adjusted together
Standard Greek weight of a Drachma, coin created and weighs one
Motive to take over games (With excerpt from Pausanias)
Pisa was closer to Olympia, but Elis controlled the games
(Descendants of Dorian Greeks)
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