HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Frugality, Chilon Of Sparta, Helots

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29 Jul 2020
Jeff Koo
Humanities 2
Culture of Ancient Greece
Fall 2019
4 units
Battle of the Champions
300 Champions of Argos vs. 300 Champions of Sparta
Rest of the armies withdraw
At the end, 3 men left alive, 2 Argives and 1 Spartan
2 Argives head back to army to make word of their victory, lone Spartan stays on
the field
Argives say they won because 2 > 1, Spartans say they won because the 2 ran
New battle has to be fought between whole armies
Spartan Army is victorious (Secure Thyrea)
Cements Sparta’s position as dominant power in Peloponnese (Not a war of
Peloponnesian League
For rest of 6th century, Sparta expands alliance network throughout Peloponnese
except Argos
Forms large alliance called Peloponnesian League which includes all city-states
except for Argos
Forces alliances through conquest
Fame and influence of Sparta expanded outside Greek world
Spartan embassy to Cyrus the Great
Sparta asked for protection from Persian Army
Spartans decided it was too far away for them to worry about, but sent
ambassadors to check on Cyrus and Asia Minor
Warned Cyrus that he is not to harm a Greek citizen or else face the Spartans
Asking who the Spartans are and how many of them are there to talk to
him like that
Spartans have self-confidence, and growing role of Sparta in Greek and
outside world
Hallmark of Spartan foreign policy is in opposition to Tyranny
Put down Sicyon tyranny around 555
By late 5th century, so famous that Thucydides could remark that tyrants of
Athens and tyrants of most of the rest of the Greek cities had been overthrown by
Tried to reinstall Hippius
Spartans unseated Aeschines of Sicyon
Chilon the Ephor during 55th Olympiad (560-557/6)
Associated with downfall of tyranny of Sicyon
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