HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Sherd, Prytaneis, Trittys

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Published on 29 Jul 2020
Jeff Koo
Humanities 2
Culture of Ancient Greece
Fall 2019
4 units
Tribes, Trittyes, Demes
4 Ionian tribes until Cleisthenes
Membership was hereditary
Now divided into 10 tribes originally on geographic basis
First divided into 140 local units called demes
Attica divided into 3 large regions (City, Coast, Interior)
Group of demes from city, coast, and interior make up tribe so each tribe
has representation from all over
3 Regions’ representation known as trittyes (“thirds”)
Each tribe has trittyes in Athens
From this point on its hereditary in male line
Perform vital functions
Levy armies
Determines candidacy for political and military office
Board of 10 generals, one from each tribe
10th member added to board of Archons, each one coming from a
different tribe
Council of 500 consists of equal contingents from each tribe
Cleisthenes of Athens may have gotten idea from Cleisthenes of Sicyon, but no
evidence to support Herodotus’s claim that the revision was malicious
Cleisthenes takes 100 names to Delphi and asks them to pick 10, and then builds
statues for the 10 tribes
Goal was to mix Athenians together to give more men a share in the power
Deme became part of official name Instead of X son of Y, X son of Y from the
deme D
General aim is to promote unity and democracy among power base, and decrease
power of aristocracy
Favoring men who live in the city of Athens are more likely to attend the
assembly and be active in their tribe
City could have complete sweep of archonship and board of generals
Council of 500
Creation of new council with Cleisthenes’ reforms
50 from each of the 10 tribes
Use of lottery filled spots on council (Use of allotment)
Annual office (1 year only)
Rule restricting repeated membership
Could only serve once in lifetime
By 4th century it was changed so you could serve twice
Designed to allow a share in government to as many adult citizen males as
possible (Democratic reform)
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