PHIL 1 Lecture 23: Phil 1 Notes 23

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15 Sep 2020
Hao Tran
Intro to Philosophy
Notes: Phil 1
Preface to the groundwork
Common Sense
Hume is a philosopher who wants to stick to common sense:
To that which everyone implicitly assumes when they move around the
The that which is given in experience, in perception
Ie, experience, and widespread knowledge
He recommends that philosophy be purposefully complicated, obscure, and weird,
as is life
This leads him to be skeptical of any appeals to what is not given in experience
Power, necessary connection, God, etc. - none of these objects are perceptible, so
none of these ideas can be traced back to sense impressions
What about the freedom of the will
Freedom, according to Hume, is Being able to act against what you want.
Two concepts of Freedom
Freedom as being able to act against all of our inclinations
The idea that, no matter what i actually chose to do, i had the option to
choose differently
This idea conflicts with determinism, in which everything that happens is
Our actions would be miracles, since they were not done by our
Freedom as being able to act on your inclinations
I can act freely even if i did what i wanted to do , and even if i desired to
do it.
This does not contradict determinism, since these actions can have cause
We can explain our actions through what caused it.
Hume’s Compatibalism
Freedom and determinism are compatible. They can coexist.
Freedom is being determined by inner causes” (desires, needs, personality). It is
doing what you are inclined to do.
This is different from someone else moving your limbs, which would be unfree.
But it does not mean that you need to be capable of acting against all of your
desires, needs, personality in order to be free.
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