PSYC 5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Addiction

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30 Dec 2020
Jeff Koo
Psyc 5
Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality
Summer 2018
4 Units
Sexual Problems and Disorders
Sexual Disorders
Sexual disorder a clinically significant disturbance in a person’s ability to respond
sexually or to experience sexual pleasure.
The term sexual dysfunction is also used.
Lifelong (primary) or Acquired (secondary)
Generalized or Situational
o If it is biological it is generalized
Useful for etiology
Sexual dysfunction vs. Satisfaction
You don’t give them a category of sexual dysfunction label it if it is not destressing on
the individual or the relationship.
o Distress is the key for the DSM no matter the category.
Disorders of Sexual Desire
Female sexual interest/Arousal disorder
Male hypoactive sexual desire disorder
In our society if you have too much or too little sexual desire you’re consider abnormal.
Sexual desire discrepancy partners have considerably different levels of sexual desire
o Not a diagnosis
o Usually one person wants it more than the other.
Hypersexuality is not in the DSM.
Sexual addiction is not a sexual criteria in the DSM. There is not enough research to show
that this is abnormal.
Sexual aversion is a phobia; this is when people have a fear or a sentiment of disgust
towards sex.
Male Sexual Disorders
All sexual dysfunctions must be there for a minimum of 6 months for them to be
considered a dysfunction.
Erectile disorder the inability to obtain an erection or maintain one.
o Primary ED man has never had an erection sufficient to have intercourse.
o Secondary ED man at one time was able to have satisfactory erections but now no
longer is able.
o We see it more in older men not because they have lower levels of testosterone but
because they are the most medicated people, the most sick, and also may have had an
unhealthy lifestyle for a longer time.
o If the individual is healthy they should have no problem getting an erection.
o Most studied
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