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Lecture 15

PSYC 31100 Lecture 15: Neuro- emotion continued

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Spring 2017

Psychology (PSYC)
Course Code
PSYC 31100
Tamara Fitzwater

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Lecture outline: 4/27, Neuroscience of Emotion continued Emotions and Facial expressions Facial expression universal across cultures 220 sm aar to cu related speeses -6 primary emotional facial expressions: fear anger Oanas Facial feedback Hypothesis: -facial expressions influence our emotional experiences We have voluntary control of facial expressions example .what's the Duchenne smile? genuine annie Graph Brain Circuits for Emotion tex formation Amyndaa vormaticn Mammillary Amygdala and Prefrontal cortex especially important The Am ala almund" -receives sensory input from -Requires CmMPA stimuli (e.g Many cells are multimodal -Creates complex image Esp. sensitive to en tal Preer CFC. Medial Prefrontal Lobes OFC COor positivel negative these rewards mpAC association of cues with -Ventral mPFC reward (outcome vs. expectancy) -Monitoring & predicting -Acc (antenvr Cingweate Corte ro -Flattened affect -Emotional conflict ORC The Consensus on neural substrates of Emotion: 1. Emotional events widespread cerebral activity just & 2. Emotionally activated brain areas also activated by other stimuli people 3. No single brain structure linked to a specific emotion different 4. Same emotional stimuli can activate different brain regions in
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