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Lecture 3

SOCI 10100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority

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Sociology (SOCI)
Course Code
SOCI 10100
Sergio Cabrera

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Sociology – The Social Construction of Reality
and Sex
In the case of oral sex
oEveryone has their own denition of sex therefore
you can’t claim one is and one isn’t
Can we all have our own denition of sex, if sex is a shared
People in steady couples can have their own denition of
oBut that’s not really solving the problem
oYou sorta just assume that you’re having sex and
that the other person thinks the same thing
Greta’s piece really has no resolution
oI nd it a little annoying
oShe doesn’t want to come to a conclusion
oShe feels oppressed by the fact that all these sexual
experiences she’s having aren’t sex because there
isn’t a penis
oSocial norms dene this and she doesn’t want to
dene it because the moment you do you impose it
on others
oWe’d all be better o* calling whatever we want to
call sex, sex at the moment
The moment you think of anything as universal or true
then you’re imposing it on others
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