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Lecture 5

SOCI 10100 Lecture 5: Sociology - Gender

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Sociology (SOCI)
Course Code
SOCI 10100
Sergio Cabrera

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Sociology – Gender
Sex – chromosomal dierences
Gender – how you feel you are
Sexuality – who you have sex with
Gender has nothing to do with who you have sex with
oWomen are not men
Women are subordinate
oGender is inherently unequal
The value of gendered things are refracted through the lens of gender
The toy aisle
oGirls – things to take care of
oBoys – spaceships and superheroes
oParents just want their kids to be normal
Equal but dierent
oOne is inherently better
oGender is separated to teach kids their gender roles
oIn racial issues white people never accepted that equal was real
Women are fully human which is a pretty new concept
oWomen were children
oIt’s ingrained in our language and society since forever
Since men are on average stronger than women, we can make a bunch
of rules like women can’t be in the military
oWhich is bullshit because some women are stronger than men
that are let into the military
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