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Lecture 9

AST-A 107 Lecture 9: Exploration 9

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Indiana University - Bloomington
AST-A 107

A107 The Art of Astronomy Fall 2016 NAME: Michael LoGiurato Exploration 9: Novasearch (Oct. 1921) SECTION: Click here to enter text. Due in by 9 AM, Saturday, Oct. 22. Fill in this Word file and submit via the Canvas Exploration assignment tool. Learning Goals: Students should be able to use technology to identify astronomical phenomena in images. Obtain quantitative measurements from astronomical data Analyze measurements to estimate the properties of astronomical objects Examine the data of the nucleus of Andromeda using the NovaSearch website at www.astro.indiana.edunovasearch. Each years observations have been made into separate timelapse movie, one for each quadrant of sky surrounding the nucleus. Watch each movie closely to discover stars that appear to blink as the movie cycles over and over. The blinking stars may be novae. (HINT: take a look at the southeast quadrant in 2003!) Nova 1 Nova 2 Year of Observation 2003 2005 Quadrant SE NW (NW, NE, SW, or SE) Date when the nova first 6172003 6282005 appears Date when the nova is brightest 1292003 10222005 Last date the nova is still visible in the image132004 12192005 How many days is the 195 184 nova visible? Magnitude when the 17.0 17.2 nova is brightest
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